Saturday, February 27, 2010

526 (trying to catchup)

Winter Court in Theodoricum as King Arthur summons his allies for war on the continent
Duke Hoel of Brittany’s niece is taken and killed by a giant, who is killed by Arthur
King Claudas of Paris flees to Emperor Lucius; Paris surrenders to King Arthur
Duke Guitard of Poitou swears fealty to King Arthur
Sir Gawaine and Sir Bradwen lead their forces east and south, to Burgundy
King Clotaire of Burgundy swears fealty to Arthur to keep his kingdom
King Arthur and main army head south
Sir Kay and the west force march west and south, towards Aquitaine
Battle of Autun (Sir Gawaine’s parley collapses); Romans retreat
Roman ambush; Sir Cador and Duke Guitard prevent Romans from freeing prisoners

Battle of Saussy (King Arthur brings his army together to face Emperor Lucius)
Miracle at Saussy: Dame Melia, surrounded by Moorish cavalry and alone, appeals to God, resulting in a chain of Love (God) criticals across the field; Emperor Lucius flees with Vandals, while many Christians, realizing what they have witnessed, yield to Arthur

Emperor Lucius, unable to reorganize his forces, flees to Carthage with the Vandals
Pope John I retires to a monastery to contemplate the Miracle at Saussy; Pope Felix IV elected
Archbishop Magnus of Mediolanum proclaims Arthur rightful Emperor in eyes of God
King Arthur accepts peace offers from across Gaul and receives embassies from many
Embassy of Pope Felix IV arrives in Burgundy to negotiate with King Arthur

In preparing to get this campaign reorganized, I've got a few years of events to post...