Sunday, September 2, 2007

Current Game Session: 525 (in progress)

Winter Court at Camelot
Cador of Cornwall and Hoel of Alclud join Round Table
Sir Madog tells the tale of the Adventure of the Castle of Joy at Winter Court
Archbishop Dubricus steps down as Primate, David of Menevia becomes Primate
King Maelgwyn of Gomeret sends his son Rhun to Camelot
Baron Owain and Dame Melia becomes a Companion of Arthur

Sir Bradwen becomes a member of the Round Table
Arthur defies the Emperor and prepares to march to Rome

Constantine of Cornwall and Bishop Baudwin to serve as governors in Britain during the war
Both the Boadiccans and the Order of St. Helena plan on providing assistance to King Arthur

The Logres Fellowship travels to Ireland to assist King Aonghus against his Irish rivals
Baron Gwair sends his son Sir Gwern [Michael] with the Fellowship
Baron Caradoc aids Sir Marhaus’ cousin Eogan O Doyle in command
The Logres Fellowship rescues Sir Marhaus at the Battle of Tara
Dal Riada forces withdraw from Irish HK’s side, war ends in stalemate
Sir Marhaus de Leinster betrothed to Dame Melia of Ebble
The Logres Fellowship returns to Camelot with King Aonghus

The Logres Fellowship and Round Table knights carry peace offer to King Mark

Sir Lamorak seizes port of Barfleur in preparation for Arthur’s crossing

Also, during the trip back to Camelot via ship, King Aonghus will talk individually with each member of the Fellowship (except Dame Melia, sorry) about accepting lands in Ireland as his vassals.
Dame Melia already has given a partial oath to King Aonghus as part of the betrothal.

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Ok, all the PC sheets are up, as is the Current Pendragon Chronicle, and a map of Logres.

Hope this helps everyone get a better view of the game.

I'm setting up a blog for my ongoing Pendragon campaign

I'm going to post the current PC sheets, and then start on the campaign's history. We're in the middle of 525, which appears to be a year without an end, as opposed to 523-4, which was the year spent in Faerie, so everyone didn't age a year.

Once I've posted the history, I'll start with game summaries.

To the Enchantment of Britain.